Evil as a Challenge

A Manichaean Journey
to the Heart of our Time

With Christine Gruwez

MughalApril 24, 25, 26
Cedarwood Waldorf School

Friday, 7:30 pm:  Open Lecture

Saturday 9am-5:30 pm: Interactive workshop with introduction, questions, & dialogue

Sunday 9am-12:30 pm: Continuation of workshop

Christine Gruwez: “The salvation of the soul, the central motif of Manichaeism, is a deed, a deed to which we are called as contemporaries living in turbulent times. But Manichaeism will have to develop further in the future, as Rudolf Steiner expresses it. Knowledge and wisdom may indeed help us, but they can be no substitute for the actual deed. This deed is related to good and evil as they are present in each of us. This deed becomes a presence which concretizes in a particular relationship to the other, whoever he may be. Only through this can we develop an inner organ to listen to the future. A listening with the heart. In the words of Bernard Lievegoed: More and more people will find methods to help others in the most surprising ways. To put yourself in the service of the difficulties of another person, that is the point!”

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January 2015 Newsletter

January 2015 Newsletter (PDF)

Christine Gruwez

Christine Gruwez

In this issue:

  • The Contemporary Relevance of Manichaeism, by Christine Gruwez.  Ms. Gruwez will offer a workshop in Portland on April 24-26.  The topic will be Evil as a Challenge:  A Manichaean Journey to the Heart of our Time.  Between then and now we will be printing excerpts from the above article, as well as references by Rudolf Steiner to Mani and Manichaeism.
  • Calendar of the Soul for January
  • Light and Darkness in Various Media: The work of Celia Kane, to be exhibited at the Art Hall, with opening reception and talk.
  • Report from the Portland Camphill Initiative, looking forward to the next meeting
  • Beautiful and informative Waldorf Art Calendar - click on the links to see this beautiful and inspiring calendar, which throughout indicates the importance of art. Available for sale to individuals and as a fundraiser
  • Portland Branch Calendar and Listing of Ongoing Study Groups
  • Poem, The Tooth Fairy, by Wes Burch
  • Sponsors’ Page: Many thanks to those businesses in our community who help to underwrite our newsletter.
  • Fliers:
    • Light and Darkness in Various Media: Art Hall reception/presentation/exhibit of work by Celia Kane
    • Spacial Dynamics Advanced Movement Therapy Course with Jaimen McMillan: Exercise and Injury
    • Ex-ercise Inner-cise:  Public workshop with Jaimen McMillan
    • Injury and Trauma:  Public workshop with Jaimen McMillan
    • Evil as a Challenge:  A Manichaean Journey to the Heart of our Time; April workshop with  Christine Gruwez
    • Portland Branch Annual Potluck & Conversation.  This year featuring contributions from members of

      study and other groups.  Together we will build up a picture of our  community!

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